Welcome to ogoekwueme.co.uk. In today's world, Information Technology is the driving force for business, commerce, manufacturing and research. Victor O. Ekwueme offers a variety of services in the Information Technology (IT) landscape. I offer a variety of services which includes training, installation and maintenace of business solutions and data analytics.
I am also a distributor of the world leading pharmaceutical multi-level AIM Global. Health is wealth. World leading products such as C247 and Restore Life, the increase of the standards of human well-being has increased dramatically. Check out the range of products which may benefit you.

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I am a Computer Science Graduate from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, obtained two masters degrees from the UK, first in IT from the University of Dundee and Intelligent Computational Systems from the University of Dundee. I have several years of experience with broadband internet technology and have worked with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software with SAP, Oracle and Odoo (formerly OpenERP).

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