I’m Victor O. Ekwueme

Professional Certificates

  • Cisco Certifed Netowrk Associate (CCNA)
  • Linux Certified Professional (LCP)
  • ITIL Foundation

My bio

Victor O. Ekwueme, CEO/founder of Luponet Consults Ltd, a graduate with second class upper division from the University of Lagos (2002) and a masters degree in Information Technology (2005) from the University of Nottingam and also another masters degree in Intelligent Computational Systems from the University of Dundee *2010( has ha d several IT professional work in networking, Enterprise Resource Planning business solutions and python programming. Victor has worked with the technical helpdesk for broadband at the British Telecomms in Dundee Scotland for over 2 years where he obtained considerable experience in the netowrking side of the profession and also obtained his Cisco Certified Netowrking Associate (CCNA) shortly after. After working at BT, he worked with C2G consulting where he worked with systems such as SAP, . He consulted four companies such as the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), Society for Family Health (SFH) and the Oyo State Government. He holds a role with Super Digital Highways (SDH) as a python programmer and an Odoo Consultant.

Victor has also been recently trained on the Data and Predictive Analytics. Analysing data with the aid of Python as its pivot for data manipulation and prediction. With the Advent of Big Data, more complex statistical and computing tasks will be needed. Therefore, \victor has obtained an online professional specialisation with the Weslyan University.


Victor has won first prize in the apps for Africa challenge on climate change in 2011. Beating all candidates in the entire West and Central Africa, his award winning application, Hospital Manager, is an app that helps stakeholders better prepare for the amount of patients that come into the hospital during climate changes by using sopshisticated machine learning algorithms to forecast the number of pateints.