OpenERP Business Solutions


OpenERP is a robust ERP business solution tailored for companies, manufacturing industries, project management, and the overall daily operations of a business. It handles the sales and purchases of the company, it is robust and can handle the accounts of the company.

Victor provides installation and training services for companies who want to acquire the software for its operations. Also, for companies wanting t go into further development using python to extend the functionality of the software, Victor can also provide this service.

Support will also be provided on a contractual basis depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLAs) contracted between Victor and the client.

Data Analytics


Building upon the installation of OpenERP, further analysis of the data can be accomplished and obtained from the database. This can provide better insight for management in their decision making whereby visualisations can be produced via charts and graphs. This is achieved through statistical inference and heavy data mining algorithms.

Further data analysis is done via surveys for issues such as customer feedback and marketing analysis. This can give further insight to the management and its employees so that emploers and employees have a better understanding of the prgress of the company.

Training and Support


Victor provides training and support services for organisations or individuals who want to learn openERP/Odoo, the python prograaming language and postgresql database management.

Before training individuals or companies or data analytics, the person must be proficient or know some pthon in rder for training to commence on data analytics. Because of the complexity of the analytics, the individual will go into some advance areas of python such as pandas, numpy and scipy. Therefore, the python Standard Library (PSL) mst be knon to a considerable deree before going into data analytics. Also some statistics and statistical inferencing mst be known by the indivdiual as well.

Other Services

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